NDA Health Insurance


November 13, 2020

Here we are in a nutshell:

  1. BCBS and North Risk Partners are interested in helping the NDA launch an association health plan (AHP).
  2. Legitimate concerns remain – COVID and enough NDA members & staff participating.
  3. Minimum # of lives signing up for insurance – 250 (includes dentists, hygienists, assistants and office staff – DHPs)

  4. 2021 NDAA Health Plan Eligibility Full OfficeFirst Hurdle – completing a short survey (about 7 questions) from each office to determine how many DHPs are actually interested in obtaining health insurance and will fill out the health questionnaire in order to receive a quote. If we don’t obtain 1,500 interested DHPs, we are done no need to go further. Why?  Historically, only one in six “interested” actually sign up for insurance.

  5. Office Survey will go out to NDA offices in January.  It will be helpful to have several offices volunteer to be "cheerleaders" in their district, calling other offices and encouraging them to fill out the survey.  If your office would like to be a cheerleader in your district, please contact David.

  6. Second Hurdle – If we obtain at least 1,500 interested DHPs, BCBS will set up a data hub for DHPs to complete a health questionnaire.Once the entire office of interested DHPs fill out the questionnaires, information will be sent to BCBS for rate quotes.

  7. The health questionnaires must be completed within a two-week period so that quotes can be returned to the group. 

    Final Hurdle –250 DHPs in the group receiving rate quotes must commit to sign up for insurance. If we have 250 committed DHPs signing up for insurance, we can launch the NDA Health Insurance group. If we don’t have 250, we are done with our attempt to launch an AHP.

  8. If we establish an AHP, the plans will go into effect June/July 2021.
    Q?: Can you switch health plans mid-year?
    A: Yes, although health insurance plans are renewed annually, they are actually month-to-month agreements.

  9. The AHP will have 4 to 5 plan options, with several “tiers” of rating based on the office DHP.

  10. The NDA has been following the efforts of Nebraska State Bar Association AHP, now entering its third year.This year, the NSBA AHP will have a 0% increase in their premiums.


NDA Alliance Membership Agreement (Dental Office requirements to participate in the Plan)
NDAA Health Plans Booklet
NDA Health Insurance Alliance Plan FAQs


On December 20, 2018, the first meeting of the NDA Health Insurance Alliance, was held with Michelle Sitorius, attorney for the Alliance, NDA Executive Director David O'Doherty and Board members Drs. Brad Krivohlavek, Chris Foix, Shay McGowen, Sami Webb and Steve Wirth.  The Board elected the following officers: Drs. Krivohlavek (President), Chris Foix (Vice President) and Steve Wirth (Secretary/Treasurer).  Only NDA members who will be purchasing insurance through the Alliance are eligible to be Board members.  The Board then approved filing a Form M-1 with the Department of Labor.  In January, the Board will be reviewing plan designs with United Healthcare to be introduced to NDA offices later in January.

Alliance Board

On November 16, 2018, members of the NDA Board of Trustees pictured below and Pat Bourne and Michaela Valentin, team leaders for Aon Risk Solutions interviewed representatives of United HealthCare and Aetna.  Blue Cross & Blue Shield intially indicated a desire to particpate, but later declined.   After an afternoon of interviews, the Board selected United Healthcare as the insurance carrier for the NDA Health Plan.  Aon and UHC will meet to finalize a number of plan options for the Board to select - six options in total for NDA members and employees to choose from.