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Updated February 20, 2019

UHC Brochure Cover_SmallThe Alliance Board met with UHC and Aon to approve the  NDAA Plan Options available to NDA offices. 

For offices that had already submitted a Health Insurance Survey, Aon has emailed those offices directly to obtain employee email address in order to fill out more information through EaseCentral, the online portal to communicate Office information with Aon.

If your office did not fill out a Health Insurance Survey previously, please email any of the three individuals -  Jerome Rewolinski, (, Jody Gilcrist ( or Jason Rothermund ( - with the following information:

1. Dental Office Name
2. Group level contact (ie. HR/Payroll person)
3. Complete the Dental Office Employee Email Address spreadsheet that includes all employees at the office with their email address.  

NDA Alliance Membership Agreement (Dental Office requirements to participate in the Plan)
NDAA Health Plans Booklet
NDA Health Insurance Alliance Plan FAQs


On December 20, 2018, the first meeting of the NDA Health Insurance Alliance, was held with Michelle Sitorius, attorney for the Alliance, NDA Executive Director David O'Doherty and Board members Drs. Brad Krivohlavek, Chris Foix, Shay McGowen, Sami Webb and Steve Wirth.  The Board elected the following officers: Drs. Krivohlavek (President), Chris Foix (Vice President) and Steve Wirth (Secretary/Treasurer).  Only NDA members who will be purchasing insurance through the Alliance are eligible to be Board members.  The Board then approved filing a Form M-1 with the Department of Labor.  In January, the Board will be reviewing plan designs with United Healthcare to be introduced to NDA offices later in January.

If your office has not already submitted a Health Insurance Survey and you are interested in receiving information on health insurance through the Alliance, you may contact Michaela Valentin directly at Aon.

Alliance Board

On November 16, 2018, members of the NDA Board of Trustees pictured below and Pat Bourne and Michaela Valentin, team leaders for Aon Risk Solutions interviewed representatives of United HealthCare and Aetna.  Blue Cross & Blue Shield intially indicated a desire to particpate, but later declined.   After an afternoon of interviews, the Board selected United Healthcare as the insurance carrier for the NDA Health Plan.  Aon and UHC will meet to finalize a number of plan options for the Board to select - six options in total for NDA members and employees to choose from. 


If Your Office Hasn't Done So, Fill Out the Health Insurance Survey  If you need the Survey in Numbers Format, please let me know.

The image below is an example of responses of a three person office to the Insurance Survey.  Fill in information for all employees and their dependants, including dentist owners and associates.  Responding to this survey does not obligate you or your employees to purchase insurance from the Alliance.
Example NDA Health Insurance Survey_Trinity

Please include spouse/dependent information for everyone in the office except those Waiving coverage. Part-time employees working a minimum 17.5 hours per week may also be included.

Save the file, and email the completed spreadsheet to

Will This Be Ready by January 1, 2019

No.  However, the current schedule is as follows:

Statewide education campaign Jan - March, 2019

Enrollment period - March 2019

Effective date - April 2019

What Do I Do For the Beginning of 2019?

Continue with the coveage that you currently have.  Once the NDA Plan is effective, you will be able to move to the new plan.  What about my deductibles?  UHC will allow you to carry over your deductibles to your new plan!

Participation and Eligibility

Once a Base Rate is established for the group and the individual dental office wishing to participate has been rated, that office must satisfy the Participation and Eligibility rules set by the insurance company.
The video produced by the Michigan Dental Association for their own plan, explains how this works.