Provider Contract Review

The ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs wants to remind dentists to carefully review contract clauses and provisions before signing participating provider agreements. This includes reviewing the plan's website, participating provider manuals and other materials.

You have the right to negotiate the terms of a participating provider agreement; however, the plan also has contractual rights that may affect your rights. It doesn’t hurt to ask if you have concerns with specific clauses in the participating provider agreement."

The ADA offers its Contract Analysis Service for this very purpose. Individual dentists have access to the service, which provides a clear, plain language explanation of contract terms and is designed to allow dentists to make informed and independent decisions on the merits of participating dentist contracts. The service is free to members who request a review through their constituent dental society and costs $50 for members who contact the ADA directly.

If you would like the ADA legal department to review your provider agreement, forward it to the NDA via email, mail or fax (402) 476-2641.

We have also posted "What Every Dentist Should Know Before Signing a Dental Provider Contract," developed by the ADA Division of Legal Affairs and posted in the Practice FAQs section.