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Our Endorsed Company Program brings you special member savings on products and services designed specifically to work for your practice: from professional liability insurance to business credit cards to office supplies and computers. There are also endorsements geared towards your home life, such as health insurance, appliances, and even automobiles. 

Many members are able to recoup a great deal of their dues dollars through the savings they receive by simply participating in these programs. Take advantage of the benefits of membership.

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NDA Supply Source is an online dental supply buying storefront developed to provide members with significant discounts on more that 65,000 dental products from over 300 trusted brands.

This exclusive members-only benefit offers convenient, low-cost, one-stop online shopping for all your dental supply needs. All orders are shipped free direct from manufacturers or authorized distributors to maximize savings. All products include full manufacturer warranties with no gray market or expired products.


Electronically prescribe all meds faster from any device.

Beginning January 1, 2024, Nebraska dentists who prescribe controlled substances must prescribe electronically.

Pricing and Pre-sales questions:
Carly Garrison cgarrison@icoreconnect.com   407-717-9950
Robert McDermott rmcdermott@icoreconnect.com    407-505-8934

Post-sale, set-up, and implementation:
Liza Riveria lriveria@icoreconnect.com    888-810-7706 x 1064

iCoreRx ePrescribing software saves you time and protects your patients.

  • ePrescribe from any internet connected device, from anywhere. Patient information is accessible and securely backed up in our HIPAA-compliant data centers
  • Quickly and easily select drug and dose through the built-in Lexicomp® drug directory
  • Access patient prescription history over the past year
  • Auto-populated patient information through practice management integration
  • Save meds using the Doctor’s Favorites function for frequently prescribed drugs
  • Auto-save patient pharmacy preferences
  • Protect your practice with an audit trail of all sent prescriptions
  • Utilize Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) functionality

Big savings for NDA members!

NDA members receive a 43% discount off the regular subscription price of iCoreRx.

Book a live demo, or call 888-810-7706.

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The NDA is pleased to introduce Best Card as our endorsed credit card processing company. Our association is now using them, and we think you will enjoy getting to know them as well. We hope you will email us or fax (866-717-7247) a recent credit card processing statement and see if you can save on your processing costs.

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Harold Diers & Company
is your NDA Endorsed Insurance Agency for the Following Products
* Disability Income Insurance
* Business Overhead Insurance
* Term Life Insurance
* Professional Protector Plan for Dentists, (PPP)
Contact our office for more information on these and other insurance plans available to members of the Nebraska Dental Association.
Jim Spitsen
Harold Diers & Company     800-444-1330
11635 Arbor St. Suite 230 402-484-5880
Omaha, NE 68144 

Turn your scrap metal into cash right away with 5% bonus from D-MMEX EasyRefine

NDA members can maximize scrap precious metal returns using scientific technology with the EasyRefine scrap metal recovery program offered through D-MMEX, endorsed by the Nebraska Dental Association.  As an NDA member you will receive a 5 percent bonus on the total value of recovered precious metals. Take advantage of the following EasyRefine benefits:

  • No charge for melt and assay.
  • All-element analysis including gold, platinum, silver and palladium.
  • Insured, pre-paid FEDEX shipping.
  • Cashier check settlement within 10 working days.
  • Detailed report on the precious metal content of shipped contents.
  • Trade bullion terms on London-Based Market:
    • Gold 97%
    • Platinum 90%
    • Silver 90%
    • Palladium 85%

Easy as 1-2-3!
1. Go to www.easyrefine.com/us/request-your-easy-refine-kit to secure a free, insured shipping container,
or call 800-741-3174. A kit will be shipped to you right away.
2. Gather your precious scrap metal, put it in the sealing shipping container and call FedEx for a free, insured pick-up.
3. Be sure you specify you’re an NDA member on your submission form to receive your 5% bonus.*
Remember to include the Coupon for the additional 2% bonus! (by 9/30/21)

For a shipping kit or more information on the EasyRefine program, please call 800-741-3174 or order a free kit online at easyrefine.com800-741-3174

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