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We are pleased to announce our newest NDA endorsed vendor, NDA Supply Source. This program could save members up to 19% or more on dental supplies. The significant savings are possible because the program leverages the group buying power of more than 1,000 NDA members.

NDASupplySource.com features more than 60,000 products from more than 350 dental brands — most available through dealers. The online dental supply store will also sell product lines of more than 60 direct manufacturers that don’t sell their products through any dealer.

Before ordering, NDA members are encouraged to obtain a price estimate from NDA Supply Source. To receive one, send a list of items (using SKU or distributor item numbers) via email, phone or fax. Click here to see a NDA SourceOne Comparison.

You can order online at NDASupplySource.com, or via email, phone or fax. All active NDA members have pre-activated accounts. ADA membership numbers will be required to access NDASupplySource.com or to speak with customer service staff. NDA members receive dedicated customer support Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET.

Contact information for NDA Supply Source follows:

Phone:  844 - 631-8169 (toll free)
Fax:   877-543-0251 (toll free)

SALES TAX NOTICE: Sales tax will not be added to your order, so you will need to keep track of your purchase amounts and submit sales tax to the State of Nebraska.  More information at Nebraska Department of Revenue

Purchases from retailers without a physical presence in Nebraska were always subject to Nebraska use tax. Purchasers are required to report use tax directly to the Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR) when no sales tax is collected on products or services that were taxable in Nebraska. Businesses reported this on their Nebraska Sales and Use Tax Return, Form 10