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NEDPAC and ADPAC gives dentists a voice in the public policy arena on behalf of your practice, patients and profession, and is our most powerful resource to make a difference in Nebraska and Washington.  NEDPAC supports candidates who support dentistry regardless of party affiliation. Contributions are made at the recommendation of the NEDPAC Board. 

Join the NDA Grassroots Network

An election for each seat in the Nebraska Legislature is held every two years. A two-year election cycle has the potential to bring many new faces to the Legislature; the NDA has a lot of people to get to know. If you have an existing relationship with a Senator (participate in a fundraiser, attend church together, knew each other in college or high school),Grassroots Network please Join the Grassroots Network.

Here you will find information about the NDA legislative agenda as well as related topics and Legislation Issues. The association’s continued success is made possible because of the continual and selfless work by the many members of the NDA. We look forward to working with each of you as we work toward another successful session. As a reminder, all NEDPAC contributors receive a weekly legislative report during the legislative session and at specific times throughout the year as legislative developments occur.