Nebraska_State_Capitol2024 Legislative Efforts

2024 has been a very busy legislative session.  The two bills listed below have hearings scheduled soon and links below that will allow you to submit comments directly to the Committee hearing the bill.  Get involved by advocating for your profession. It's simple. See instructions below.

LB 358

Last's years bill to increase dental Medicaid fees by 25% came to the floor of the Legislature and was passed on General File 35-0-7.  On February 14, 2024 LB 358 was voted to Final Reading See which Senators voted for LB 358. 

Contact Your Sentator, thanking them for their support of LB 358.

Senators on Appropriations Committee voting YES on LB 358
Sen. Robert Clements, ChairpersonSen. Myron DornSen. Robert DoverSen. Steve ErdmanSen. Loren LippincottSen. Mike McDonnell

Senators on Appropriations Committee NOT voting on LB 358
Sen. Anna Wishart, Vice ChairpersonSen. Christy ArmendarizSen. Tony Vargas

LB 935

A companion bill to LB 358 above, appropriates $6,000,000 from the General Fund for FY2024-25 to the Department of Health and Human Services for the purpose of increasing provider reimbursement rates for dental services under the Medical Assistance Act. (approximately a 25% increase in fees)

HEARING DATE: February 13, 2024 – Comments due before 8 a.m. February 13th.

SUBMIT COMMENTS ONLINE (Instructions below)

LB 1110

Requires dental plan carriers to meet a minimum dental loss ratio and provide a report to the Department of Insurance as prescribed.

Provides that dental plans must meet an 85% minimum loss ratio. In other words the plans must spend 85% of the premiums they receive on dental care services.

HEARING DATE: February 27, 2024 – Comments due before 8 a.m. February 27th.

SUBMIT COMMENTS ONLINE (Instructions below)

Go to the NDA Dental Loss Ratio webpage for more information.

LB 1387

Page 3, starting in line 14 basically requires cities or villages who already fluoridate to their water, to place a fluoridation measure on the ballot affirming that they want to continue fluoridating their water . . . if they don’t put it on the ballot, they must cease fluoridating their water.

There is no need for LB 1387.  If communities want to place a measure on the ballot to remove fluoridation, they can do so now.

HEARING DATE: February 15, 2024 – Comments due before 8 a.m. February 15th.

SUBMIT COMMENTS ONLINE (Instructions below)

Also, please  email Senator Hansen, asking him to withdraw LB 1387.  As the ADA’s Fluoridation Factarly states, there is no emerging evidence indicating that appropriate levels of water fluoridation are unsafe (0.7 mg/L (milligrams per liter))


To Comment or Review a legislative bill linked here:

Click "Introduced" - to read the bill language 

View which Senator introduced the bill and other bill information (hearing date if set, status, etc.) 

Click "Submit Comments Online" button to submit your comments (Comments are limited to 500 words.) 


The NDA has already testified on the legislative bills listed below:

LB 1138

Based on comments from many NDA members, LB 1138 provides an exception to the general  electronic prescribing requirement for controlled substances for prescriptions issued by a prescriber who issues fewer than fifty prescriptions for controlled substances in one calendar year.

NDA’s legislation - testified in support – there was no opposition testimony.

LB 834

Establish requirements for a resident dental license. Repurposes the temporary dental license statute into a resident license statute. Allows an applicant to take the ADEX exam or the CRDTS exam.

UNMC and Creighton Dental School's legislation - NDA testified in support

 LB 1015

Change provisions of the Rural Health Systems and Professional Incentive Act.  Authorizes the Rural Health Advisory Commission to award loan repayments to dentists who see a disproportionate amount of Medicaid patients (to be defined in Regulations).

NDA’s legislation - testified in support – there was no opposition testimony.


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