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VetMOM2 - November 15, 2024 - Titan Army National Guard Readiness Center.

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November 1, 2023

2023 NE VetMOM FINAL Report



DHHS Dental Director and 2019 ADA 2019 Humanitarian Award Winner Dr. Fritz Craft is working with the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs and the Nebraska National Guard, along with Drs. Jim Jenkins and Steve Anderson, to bring Mission of Mercy to Nebraska Veterans October 6-7, 2023, at the Titan Army National Guard Readiness Center in Yutan, NE (West of Omaha; Northeast of Lincoln).

Only 15% of veterans enrolled in Department of Veterans Affairs health care are eligible for dental benefits. The number of veterans actually receiving VA dental care is much lower—about 35% of those who are eligible - or 5% of all veterans.

Read more - Veteran Access to Dental Care

VetMOM will be a smaller version of a regular NMOM - only 45 chairs (vs 100), but we still need the same volunteer group.  Also, patients will be signing up for specific 1 1/2 hour time slots, so no long lines of patients waiting to get in.

Dental Volunteers

Medical Triage *  Dental Triage  *  Adult Restorative  *  Hygiene  *  Oral Surgery  *  Endo  *  Anesthesia  *  Sterilization  *  Prosthetics  *  Radiology  *  Dispensing  *  Pharmacy  *   Setup/Takedown  *  Patient Check-in or Patient Check-out

Clinic contactsDr. Fritz Craft - Dr. Jim Jenkins
Nebraska National Guard - Levi Bennett, Deputy Director



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