Councils and Committees

The Council on Constitution, Bylaws, Ethics, Judicial Matters & Peer Review 

Provide information to the membership on dental ethical and judicial issues including a periodic update on the approved and non approved practices as established by the American Dental Association; to review the articles of the Constitution and Bylaws in order to keep them consistent with the Association’s program; and, investigate and recommend action on complaints of a Peer Review nature. 

The Council on Membership

Establish and maintain programs to enhance and ensure full membership participation by all dentists of the state; Develop programs and activities to promote student membership and involvement in the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) affiliates and UNMC College of Dentistry and Creighton School of Dentistry; Establish guidelines, implement and control the NDA programs, Dentists’ Well Being Program and the Relief Fund; and Establish, maintain and promote a current list of practice opportunities and associateships within the state.

The Council on Legislation and Intraprofessional Matters

Develop and provide recommendations on current Association legislative issues; Study and examine developing issues impacting dentistry and provide recommendations for legislative direction that will assure a timely and appropriate response; Monitor the overall legislative activities of the Association; and Establish guidelines to assure successful dentist/member input to state senators on specific legislative proposals or positions of the Association.  Also, initiate and maintain contacts with related dental organizations with the objective of promoting positive working relationships; And work to establish joint programs between the Association and other dental groups that will promote and improve dental awareness on the part of the public.  

The Council on Member Insurance Benefits

Consist of representatives of all age groups; Establish a program to review and make recommendations on personal insurance for members; Establish contracts or other working relationships that will provide the best possible group insurance benefits for the Association membership; and, Study and advise the membership of the changes occurring in the professional liability insurance market.

The Council on Third Party Programs

Establish and maintain a current compendium of information, legal documents and other data on the various third party programs available in Nebraska; Provide the membership useful information on policies, procedures and changes affecting third party programs including PPO's, HMO's, Service Corporations and Direct Reimbursement; and Establish a liaison with third party carriers to facilitate the resolution of disputes between dentists and carriers.

The Council on Association Policies and Procedures

Consist of the President, the President-Elect, the Vice President, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Immediate Past President and the Speaker of the House; Provide the expertise needed in technical matters; Interpret Association policy; Initiate and recommend an annual budget; Monitor all financial dealings of the Association; and Evaluate annually the performance of the Executive Director and recommend adjustment to his/her compensation package.

The Council on Nominations

Consist of the President, who shall serve as chairperson and one (1) member designated by each component society or association; and, nominate the elective officers of this Association.

Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations

Evaluate for the NDA trends in dental public health and access to care that enhance community oral health; Recommend policies, advise other NDA agencies and develop programs relating to access to care; population-based prevention, including community water fluoridation; and interprofessional relations; Provide advice and technical assistance to constituencies and communities to assess community oral health needs; develop coalitions and partnerships; and design, implement and evaluate programs to meet community oral health needs; ecommend policies, advise constituencies and communities, provide technical assistance and develop programs focused on building community oral health infrastructure and capacity, reducing oral health disparities and increasing access to care; Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to create advocacy strategies regarding access to care, population-based prevention and interprofessional relations.

Promote community outreach, cultural competence and oral health literacy; Foster and maintain liaisons with external stakeholders regarding population-based prevention and intervention strategies to improve oral health; Recommend policies and formulate programs on issues pertaining to the relationship of dentistry to medicine, including interdisciplinary patient management, dentist-physician relations, oral health needs of patients with complex medical conditions and the oral-systemic relationship; and Plan, develop, implement and evaluate programs that support the ADA’s commitment to optimal oral health for all. 

Council on Endorsed Programs

Identify, evaluate and monitor quality programs and services that enhance the value of Nebraska Dental Association membership. 

Primary Duties.  The council shall:  meet on a regular and timely basis to provide necessary oversight and direction related to the endorsed programs of the Association; monitor the performance of current programs and perform the necessary due diligence with respect to current and proposed endorsed programs; recommend to the NDA Board of Trustees any actions relating to its endorsement of a specific program, service or vendor.  The Council’s assessment of a program shall be based, primarily, on the program’s value to NDA members and shall manage the existing endorsed programs to maximize non-dues revenue.  The council shall report annually to the NDA Board of Trustees and NDA House of Delegates. 

The Council on the New Dentist

Help new dentists succeed by being the voice of new dentists, encouraging membership and volunteer involvement in organized dentistry, providing member value through resources and education to meet their needs, facilitating networking opportunities and by fostering new dentist leadership development.  The Council may have up to 14 Members, including student members from the Nebraska dental schools.