Councils and Committees

  • Council on Association Cultivation

    • Give input to the Annual Session Committee regarding future meetings.
    • Regularly review and update the governing documents of the Association, including the NDA Mission Statement
    • Serve OR appoint a Nominating Committee to develop the leadership pipeline of the AssociationRecruit NDA members to fill vacancies on Councils and Committees
    • Development of ideas to better serve the membership and keep the Association positively moving forward.
  • Council on Membership

    • Recruitment and retention of dentists as tripartite members
    • Member engagement through meaningful programs/events
    • Support NDA districts in the planning of events.
    • Serve as liaison with student organizations to promote involvement in organized dentistry while in dental school and beyond
  • Council on Legislation

    • Review and develop the Association’s response on all legislative issues that impact the practice of Dentistry. Engage and/or recruit advocates for Association legislative efforts
    • Regularly update members on legislative efforts at the start of and conclusion of each state legislative session
  • Council on Communication

    • Develop and execute regular communications and marketing about the accomplishments and concerns of the Association including but not limited to the newsletter, text messaging and email communications.
    • Maintain a social media presence for the NDA on all social media platforms, including branding and reputation management.
  • Council on Intraprofessional Collaboration

    • Identify and recommend solutions for critical issues facing dentists in our state
    • Identify and implement methods for dentists to support one another professionally and personally
    • Offer services of Peer Review
    • Oversee and implement programs pertaining to oral health literacy and equity, oral disease prevention and intervention, access to oral health as well as community oral health and advocacy
    • Oversee issues and regulations pertaining to Third Party Programs 
  • Council on the Early Career Dentist 

    • Engage with early career dentists by encouraging membership and involvement in the Association and/or local districts.
    • Offer resources and develop support systems for early career dentists and the issues they face
    • Engage with members from the undergraduate and graduate dental programs in the state
    • The Council may have up to 14 members, including student members form the Nebraska dental schools


Committees shall/may be established within the structure of the Councils to facilitate and focus the conduct of business of the Council.