We’re excited to announce a new benefit for Nebraska Dental Association members.

On July 1, 2021, the Nebraska Dental Association Health Care Alliance launched a group health insurance plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) and North Risk Partners.

1) All dentists with an ownership interest in the dental office must be NDA members.
2) If an associate dentist is purchasing health insurance, that dentist must be a NDA member.
3) The dental office must pay 50% of the employee's premium of the least expensive available plan.
4) Execute a NDA Alliance Membership Agreement 2021

NDAHIA Options At A Glance

Email North Risk Partners for about getting a quote for your office.

A non NDA member office may receive a health insurance quote from BCBS before joining the NDA.

North Risk Partners recorded a Zoom call for anyone that is interested in learning more about what is being offered to discuss the differences between the plan options and networks, as well as the timeline for the next steps. Here is the link for the recorded Zoom call. Passcode: 0Ys9wm^u

Not currently a NDA member? We can help!

Contact Jody at 402-476-1704 or check out the Membership page.