Council on Early Career Dentist

  • Engage with early career dentists by encouraging membership and involvement in the Association and/or local districts.
  • Offer resources and develop support systems for early career dentists and the issues they face
  • Engage with members from the undergraduate and graduate dental programs in the state.
  • The Council may have up to 14 members, including student members from the Nebraska dental schools.


Early career dentists (those practicing ten years or less) are invited to “Let’s Do Lunch” at the NDA Annual Session at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, April 12, 2024, at the Embassy Suites in LaVista.  Spend your lunch break connecting with your friends and colleagues.  A healthy salad lunch will be provided. 

The theme of our meeting this year is “Wellness: The Best Gift For Yourself”. We know that our mental health is important to our overall health.  You only have one body and one mind. If you take care of your physical and mental health, you'll be in a better position to take care of your patients’ oral and dental needs.

As an early career dentist, we know that you have a lot on your plate whether it is considering a new practice, loans to pay back, or finding the perfect life/work balance.  The NDA Early Career Dentist Council wants to engage with each of you and help show you the value that organized dentistry can add to you both personally and professionally.  Having a community to turn to means a great deal. 

Ross Polking, CFP®, AIF®, MBA, Senior Business Development Advisor for the Foster Group, the sponsor of our lunch, will be making a short presentation entitled, “Things dentists wish they knew about finances then that they know now. We promise not to bore you.”  In our short 10 minutes – we will cover: 

  • What dentists say they wish they knew “then” about personal finances that they know “now”.
  • Creating an expedited path towards financial independence.
  • Making good decisions with your increase in income while avoiding costly mistakes 

Following the presentation, join those present for a round table discussion on some of today’s hot button issues.

If all of that wasn’t enough to entice you to join us, we will have a healthy salad lunch, and some wonderful door prizes! 

Let’s choose to connect with each other.  Let’s do lunch on April 12, 2024! 

No charge, but registration required.

"Ask Me Anything"

On Thursday, September 14th, the Council on Early Career Dentists held an "Ask Me Anything" reception at Leighton's Pub for D3 and D4 UNMC students. Drs. Anna Schoettger, Carly Aitken, Corinne Van Osdel and Jennifer Marshall comprised a panel of early career dentists and opened the floor for questions regarding all things dentisty. Seventeen students asked a wide array of questions such as how do you find a mentor, what do you wish you had done during dental school, how did you prepare yourself to enter into negotiations for your first job. Great questions, great answers. In the end, the importance of organized dentisty came through in all of the responses. The event was sponsored by a grant submitted by the NDA to the ADA.

Carly Aitken

Jennifer Carter
Lincoln District

Mimi Mebarek Long
Lincoln District

Corrine Van Osdel
Omaha District

Victor Romero
Northeast District

Sarah Schroeder
Southeast District

Cade Cannon
West District

Natalie Bussard
Southwest District

Kylie Sestak

Sophia Pankratz

Megan Bengier

Morgan Brower Blatt
Member at Large—Omaha

Abby Beckwith
Member at Large - Columbus

Bruce Brockman
Member at Large - Omaha

Bridget McKeegan

Member at Large—UNMC Peds Resident

Hannah Hofmaier

Member at Large—Omaha

Madelyn Zastrow
Member at Large—UNMC Faculty, Omaha

Chris Cooper

Member at Large—Omaha

Marty Wolff
Member at Large - Omaha

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