Attorney General Reviewing NonCovered Services Complaints

After our third meeting with the Attorney General's office, they would like to hear from both dental offices and patients.

If you’ve had an insurance company force you to accept a lower fee for a non-covered service, you can submit a complaint to the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office regarding this business practice.  Click Protect the Good Life and in the "I would like todrop down menu, click "File a Complaint."

On the next page, scroll down and make sure the File a Complaint box is chosen.  Fill in the information about your non-covered services complaint, explaining what has happened up to this point.  There is a place where you can upload a file.  If possible, upload the EOB you received from the insurance company.  Be sure to block out any personal health information of the patient.  If your patients are less trusting of you because of this practice, please include that in your complaint.

Once you click Submit, your complaint will be directed to the Consumer Protection Division.

The Attorney General's Office would like to hear from both dental offices and patients.

Patients can access the Attorney General's Complaint page on Can My Dentist Charge Me More Than My Dental Plan Allows page on the NDA website.


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