Remain Vigilant Regarding COVID

Were In This Together Mask_smallWearing masks
Wash your hands
Avoiding the Three C’s: 1) crowded places, 2) close contacts, and 3) confined spaces.  

November is a month that we are reminded to be thankful for our many blessings.  We would like to thank our wonderful patients for their trust in our profession, especially during these challenging times.  Dentists have long been leaders in the area of infection control and have continuously implemented the evolving guidance from government agencies and the ADA to keep their patients safe and healthy. 

As an organization, the NDA took the lead and worked hard to formulate strategies that would allow our members to work but still keep themselves, their staff, and their patients safe.  Going to the dentist continues to be safe and we strongly urge the public to resume routine dental appointments so as to prevent additional problems in the future.

COVID_19_Vigilant_smallAs cases surge throughout the country, particularly in our state, and with hospitals near capacity, we are asking everyone to be more vigilant.  We have a responsibility to each other to do our part in combating the resurgence of infections that our State is currently experiencing. Wear a mask; social distance; practice good hygiene; and avoid gathering outside of your immediate family; quarantine yourself if you have had a known exposure with a COVID positive individual.

As a dental community of medical professionals, this is not the time to ignore the science.  We urge our patients to come together as a community to help prevent further spread of this virus.  With all of us working together, we CAN make a difference!  Thank you! 

NDA Board of Trustees