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NDA Testifies for Dental Practice Act Update

On January 27, 2016, the NDA and NDAA testified for LB 901.
Beginning with the Oral Health Task Force in 2010, three years of meeting with members of the NDA, NDAA and NDHA, two competing 407 Applications in 2014, the NDA NDAA 407 Application was approved by the Technical Review Committee, the Board of Health, the Chief Medical Officer and the Board of Dentistry.  The NDA/NDAA introduced LB901 with the assistance of Senator Mark Kolterman on January 11, 2016.   Dr. Jessica Meeske (below), NDA Executive Director David O'Doherty, Crystal Stuhr and Cindy Cronick (NDAA) testified in support before the HHS Committee on LB 901, along with two officers from the NDHA.