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NDA Health Insurance

After interviewing four insurance brokers, the Board selected Aon Risk Solutions as the broker for the possible NDA Health Insurance Alliance.  Pat Bourne and Michaela Valentin are the team leaders for Aon in assisting the NDA in this process.  Their experience with association health plans and working with insurance companies is excellent.

First Step

The image below is an example of responses of a two person office to the Insurance Survey.  Fill in information for all employees and their dependants, including dentist owners and associates.  Responding to the Survey will allow us to let the insurance companies know what our basic demographics are and if we have enough “insurable lives” that are interested.  

Responding to this survey does not obligate you or your employees to purchase insurance from the Alliance.
2018 Insurance Survey Example Response

Please include spouse/dependent information for everyone in the office except those Waiving coverage.

NDA Health Insurance Survey

(excel spreadsheet)

Save the file, and email the completed spreadsheet to

Second Step

Meet with insurance companies with the information we have gathered in the first Step to see if they are interested in the NDA.  If so, develop Plan options that our members can choose from for themselvs and interested staff.

Third Step

Insurance Rating GroupsThe interested members from Step One would fill out more detailed information about themselves and their offices to allow the selected insurance company to establish a Base Rate for the group.  As Aon explained during their presentation, the graphic below is from my notes.  The percentages are approximate, but there would likely be three “rating buckets” below the Base Rate and three “rating buckets.” above.  Your office would then be rated into one of those buckets.


Participation and Eligibility

Once a Base Rate is established for the group and the individual dental office wishing to participate has been rated, that office must satisfy the Participation and Eligibility rules set by the insurance company.
The video produced by the Michigan Dental Association for their own plan, explains how this works.