Meet Your New Patients in 2017

The HPI State of the Dental Market show us that ADA members have capacity to see more patients. They are not busy enough, and trend information shows that dental visits have been on the decline.  

At the 2015 House of Delegates, Resolution 90 Marketing the ADA Member Brand did not pass but was referred to Communications. It read as follows:  
90-2015. Resolved, that the ADA develop a media campaign to differentiate and improve the brand of the ADA member dentists in the public eye. This campaign would cover social media and/or print media and/or radio and/or television, and be it further  

During the 2016 ADA House of Delegates, the Council presented samples of the campaign for review so that the campaign could be rolled out in 2017.  The House of Delegates passed the proposal, which carried with it an 18 million dollar price tage. The first 6 million needed to start the process came from the ADA reserve account.   

To identify the best opportunity to drive patients to ADA member chairs, the Division of Integrated Marketing and Communications and the Health Policy Institute entered into a comprehensive consumer research initiative with CSpace Health, a noted research company with deep expertise in consumer persona research.  

Through this eight-month research initiative, seven consumer personas were identified. A persona is a fictional representation of a collection of beliefs and behaviors that help identify ideal audiences, in this case large groups of consumers that represent an opportunity for ADA dentists. 

The research revealed that only 30% of people are seeing a dentist on a regular basis, without fail. We call this persona “Perfect Pat”. Because Pat is going to the dentist regularly, we do not need to expend marketing dollars on this audience. 
Responsible Rachel
To effectively increase utilization of dental services, two key persona audiences were identified as offering the best opportunity for ADA dentists. These two personas represent 40 million adults in the United States, and have a dental benefit and/or have sufficient income to pay for regular dental care. We call these personas “Detached Derek” and “Responsible Rachel” and they represent 36% of U.S. adults. They believe in the importance of dental visits but for some reason are not following through with regular dental check-ups. The research identified messages that these two audiences will find compelling and will persuade them to see an ADA dentist. 
Detached Derek

The Campaign address four main elements:
1. Find A Dentist 
Replace ADA Find A Dentist tool with new technology vendor to increase user friendliness and measurement. Includes integrating with state Find A Dentist tools.
1. Paid search 
This element will ensure that when our target consumers search for a dentist on Google and other search engines that the ADA Find A Dentist tool comes up first.
2. National Digital Advertising and Content Marketing 
Because these audiences are younger and more accustomed to sourcing information on digital devices, such as phones, tablets and computers, our media buy will be 100% digital. This national overlay also includes ad placements on Facebook in addition to websites and apps.
3. Matching funds to amplify in states who want to increase attention.
4. Member Tools: Content for members to amplify campaign throughout their practices and social networks

ADA Presentation New Patients in 2017