Nebraska Mission of Mercy

March 23, 2023
The NMOM Board filed its Articles of Dissolution with the Nebraska Secretary of State.  Any future Missions of Mercy will be run through the Nebraska Dental Foundation, as was done in 2005.

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Dr. Fritz Craft is working with the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs and the Nebraska National Guard, along with Drs. Jim Jenkins and Steve Anderson, to bring Mission of Mercy to Nebraska Veterans in the fall of 2023 . . . with a tentative date of October 5-6, 2023.  Location, near Lincoln, NE, to be determined.

History of Nebraska Mission of Mercy (NMOM)

Nebraska was the fourth state to hold a Mission of Mercy, following Virginia and Texas in 2001 and Kansas in 2003. Nebraska held its first NMOM in North Platte, NE October 20-21, 2005.  Dr John Ahlschwede made it his 'mission' to have the Mission of Mercy start in Nebraska after his tenure as President of the Nebraska Dental Association.  Coupled with the vision of Dr Jim Jenkins and Dr Jim States, the first NMOM was chaired by Dr States in North Platte in October of 2005.   Over 900 patients were seen in two days and with the help of Kansas (KMOM) individuals and equipment, the Nebraska dental community provided over $350,000 of free dental care in those two days.  At that time NMOM had very little equipment of their own but were fortunate to have the expertise of Kansas dentists such as Dr Jeff Stasch, Dr Jon Tilton, Dr Max MacReynolds, Executive Director Kevin Robertson of the Kansas Dental Association and others as well as the use of their equipment. 

In 2010, the Nebraska Dental Foundation (NDF) created the Nebraska Mission of Mercy, a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to operate future Missions of Mercy.  2010 NMOM Bylaws; 2011 NMOM IRS 501(c)3  The NDF also transferred the assets acquired for the Nebraska Mission of Mercy to America's Dentist Care Foundationwhich coordinates Missions of Mercy around the United States.

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 Mission of Mercy events in Nebraska.

Grand Island: 1,325 patients received $728,750 in free dental care.
2016 - no event
2015  Lincolnpatients received $ in free dental care.
2014 Lincoln: 1,233 patients received $700,369 in free dental care.
2013 Lincoln: 1,043 patients received $555,474 in free dental care.
2012 Alliance: 749 patients recevied $425,000 in free dental care.
2011 Grand Island: 1,378 patients received $617,317 in free dental care
2010 No NMOM due to National Special Olympics held in Nebraska.
2009 Omaha: 1,427 patients received $608,621 in free dental care
2008 Mitchell: 1065 patients received $571,515 in free dental care
2007 Norfolk:1393 patients received $506,778 in free dental care
2006 Grand Island: 1788 patients received $638,853 in free dental care
2005 North Platte: 903 patients received $356,750 care in free dental care


It is very satisfying to see how dentists give of their time, talent energy and love for such a project.  All of their services are donated.  Many of them bring their office staff and personal office supplies to help make the event a great success.  Each community has been great in providing expert assistance from Non-dental Volunteers who also give of their time talent and energy to help their neighbors and friends who may not be as fortunate as some.  Also each community has been very generous with donations of food, dollars, space to have the event and so much more.