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New Dentist Council

NDC Mission: The mission of the NDA New Dentist Council is to help new dentists succeed by being the voice of new dentists, encouraging membership and volunteer involvement in organized dentistry, providing member value through resources and education to meet their needs, facilitating networking opportunities and by fostering new dentist leadership development.

2018 NDC Council
New Dentist Council - Drs. Natalie Frost, Jenna Hatfield, Jennifer Marshall, Tom Alexander, Liz Papineau, Mimi Mebarek Long and Emily Willet. 

Current Members:

Jennifer Marshall - Chair
Amanda Snyder  -  Vice-Chair
Natalie Frost  -  Omaha District
Jennifer Alexander  -  Southwest District
Liz Pappenau  -  Southeast District
Amy Killeen   -   UNMC Faculty Advisor
OPEN  -  Creighton Faculty Advisor
Brandon Rensch -  Creighton Student Rep
Jenna Hatfield  -  Northeast District
Kiya Stack - UNMC Student Rep
Tom Alexander -  Member At Large- Past Chair
Julie Olson - Omaha District
Amy Wenninghoff -  Member At Large
Emily Willett  -  Lincoln District
Young Wang -  UNMC Student Rep
Lauren Booth -  Creighton Student Rep
Jay Zitterkopf  -  West District
Mimi Mebarek  - Lincoln District
Danny Tylka

2018 New Dentist Presentation


Social Event Info: The NDC held their Spring social event at Nebraska Brewing Company in LaVista, April 27th (below) New Dentist Social

The New Dentist Council hosts a few social events each year to help facilitate networking opportunities between new dentists as well as between new dentists and the NDA leadership. Networking opportunities, whether professionally or personally focused allows each member the opportunity to share ideas and resources as well as become more connected.
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